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Take care with your wishes.  About 7 years ago my wife won the masthead flag  (about 1 metre by 2 metres)of a ship that took us from Grande Canaria to Argentina.  It cost £100 from the local picture framer and we had difficulty finding a place for it.  But it is a fab "Talking Point".  Picture framers are not rare in this country and surely must exist in any reasonable town of three or four thousand people as is our suburb of Birmingham.
David Harrison, Birmingham, England

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I had mine framed years ago (25+ years ago) in a special framing store back in Israel. My tree is pretty big, almost 3X4 feet and they used aluminum frame to save weight. I don’t recall how much I paid but I’m very pleased with the frame.

Dan Efrat
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Researching: Israelit/Israelite from Novogrudok and Dyatlovo (Belarus) and from Latvia, Rabinowitz from Dyatlovo, Pruss and Koifman/Kaufman from Ukraine and Goldblat from the Grodno area

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