Re: Morris and Matilda Lyons #germany #unitedkingdom

Michael Tobias

It is not that the possible marriage and birth records in Glasgow did not survive - they never existed.  Statutory Registration in Scotland did not start until 1855 - before that families registered in Churches (Old Parish Registers) and Jews were exempt.  Some Jewish families registered at the Parishes but they are few and far between.

There were other German-Jewish families in Scotland from the late 18th century who used the surname LYONS or LYON. In one case the father's given name was Leib (Yiddish meaning the animal Lion, hence the choice of surname).  Most German families in Germany at that time did not have surnames. 

Several researchers have family trees on Ancestry which give the names of Matilda's parents and her maiden name as LOVELL.  I see that son Isidore married Lavinia LOVELL so there might have been an ongoing connection between those families.

Michael Tobias
Glasgow, Scotland

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