Re: Editable family tree forms #general

Lee Jaffe

I second the recommendation to try a spreadsheet. I'd been looking for a way to represent my family tree in form inexperienced family members could follow without any luck. Then a cousin shared a hand-drawn tree created decades ago by a distant relative. The format was readily applied to a spreadsheet and I was able to quickly transcribe the original to Google Docs. Even better, I could share the private document with family members and get their updates and correction. After transcribing the original as-is, I've made a copy which I'm updating and enhancing, color-coding and annotating entries.  I particularly like the ability to keep generations in alignment with labeled rows.  I'm still waiting for updates from some cousins but once it is is reasonably up-to-date, I plan on trying to get it printed in a banner format -- it looks to run 5-6' wide - and share copies with my family.

Understand, this is not a simple project. You can't cut and paste or upload a GEDCOM file to populate your tree.  Nor have I tried to make it attractive a la Henry Gates' book of life.  But it is workable and readable.

Lee David Jaffe

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