Re: Morris and Matilda Lyons #germany #unitedkingdom


Hi,                      5th September 2021

I wonder , if it is any help--or not?

In a public --Jewish Telephone book--London NW4 --
The  Telephone book been printed about 10 years ago.

There is  a Miss. A  Lyons---tel:  020-8201-5993  Fax: 020-8201 5992
and        a Miss S. Lyons     tel:: 020-8201-5994  Fax. 020-8201-5992

Same address

Best of luck
Veronika Pachtinger
London -UK

I would like to take the opportunity  to
Wish  a
Guth Gebenched , Mazeldike  Healthy Happy Year to 
Everybody at Jewish Gen 
and to
Klal Yisroel

Countless Blessed Healthy Years ahead in prosperity to All.

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