Re: Supral and Bialystok Cemetery #poland

Mark Halpern


The Bagnowka Jewish Cemetery in Bialystok is the only surviving Jewish Cemetery in Bialystok that has been preserved and has Matzevot. Bagnowka contains maybe 4,000 Matzevot out of what once was over 30,000. This cemetery has been documented by The Foundation for Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland. The link to the list of burials for Bialystok is at The homepage for the Foundation is

The Jewish Community of Suprasl buried their departed at the Bagnowka Cemetery starting in 1892 when this Cemetery opened. 

Mark Halpern
Bialystok Area Coordinator for JRI-Poland and JewishGen


On 2021-09-05 7:25 am, Richard Oppenheimer wrote:

Does anyone know if a list of all those buried in the two Bialystok cemeteries is available on the internet?
Richard Oppenheimer
Venice, Florida, USA

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