Matzevot (Headstones) in Radomysl Wielki, Poland #poland


Recently, a volunteer group, went into the cemetery in Radomysl Wielki, and spent several days clearing, and cleaning it of much of the debris, and overgrown brush. .  A number of previously undiscovered matzevot were uncovered. Does anyone know if any of theses stones have been photographed, or translated.
There are a number of us who trace our families back to R.W.

Neilan Stern;  searching Radomysl Wielki Poland - Stern, Pistrong (several variations), Stieglitz, Spatz;   Vilijampole Kovno Lithuania - Aronowsky, Arnovsky, Entes Israeliovich, Portnoy, Kritzman;   Nesvizh Belarus - Black, Schwarz, Finklestein, Bezner, Lapin, Olkin;

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