Looking for information about a flamboyant ancestor Shulim Bespaloff #ukraine #israel #france #russia


I am searching more information about an intriguing ancestor. Offspring of a chabad family from Nikopol near Ekaterinoslav he became a millionaire during in the early XX th century in coal, banking and shipping . He lived in Kherson, Odessa and finally bought a house in St Petersburg. He apparently bought land in Palestine in conjunction with Baron de Rothschild. Emigrated to France after the revolution he wrote to General Wrangel offering half of his fortune to beat the reds! (I do not know if he got an answer). He even wrote to Mussolini to warn him about Hitler....He invented a process to freeze wine! For his sake he died at 67 in 1937. Any information about him from either Israel or russia would be most welcome. His full name was Baruch Shalom Bezpalov (Bespaloff) born in Nikopol in 1870 

Catherine JUROVSKY
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