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David Dubin

Subj: ViewMate translation request - Ukrainian

I've posted a vital record in Ukrainian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.



My mother’s (maternal) mother’s (maternal) mother Frieda/Freide Zlatkin mother’s (maternal) name my great-great-grandmother, in Kiev (Brezin/Berezen [can’t find current name]), Ukraine, my mother’s great-grandmother, my grandmother’s grandmother’s name was Mollie Joseph born on January 1, 1861, in English, or Mollie Ysaeff the English translation of the Yiddish. Mollie’s husband, thus my great-great-grandfather, my mother’s great-grandfather, my grandmother’s grandfather’s name was Isaac Joseph in English or Isaac/Itzchok/Yitzchak was born on July 20, 1861, Ysaeff the English translation of the Yiddish.


It seems the records stop with Mollie and Isaac/Itzchok/Yitzchak. If possible, I would like to find out about Mollie’s relatives and Isaac/Itzchok/Yitzchak relatives and go back as far as possible. According to the website for Bremen, Germany, all the passenger records during the time he would have left were destroyed in WWII. I am trying to find out how she got from either Kiev (Brezin/Berezen [can’t find current name]) or Kherson, Ukraine to Bremen, Germany.

Thank you very much.

David Esserman/Iserman/Isaacman/Grusin/Gruzinsky, Rapapport/Krinsky/Karpelovich, Zlatkin/Joseph/Ysaeff, G(u)itterman/Rubinsky/Rabinovitz/Dubin 
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States of America

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