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Thanks, Russ. Actually I was hoping that Itska was the father's name as I was actually looking for someone named Yaacov Okun born in 1888 whose father was Itzhak/Abraham.  I am somewhat confused by the fact that all three generations had the same name.  I thought that children were not named after someone still living. Could the grandfather and father have both died  before their sons were born? 

What I am really trying to find is the common ancestor of both Itzhak/Abraham and my great grandfather identified in a single US document as just Abraham Okun.  The connection is clearly established by DNA. Unfortunately the only birth dates I currently have to work with are Yaacov (Jan 18, 1881) and my Abraham (abt 1874). I know that Itzhak/Abraham and Abraham were not the same person (as the DNA suggests) so am guessing that they were first cousins who were both named after their grandfather.  Any searching suggestions greatly appreciated.

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