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Important to remember that the Russian Empire used the Julian Calendar. A useful site that converts is

For this birth record, the baby Yitzchak born to Yitzchak son of Yitzchak Okun was born on Thursday June 30, 1888 Julian Calendar, which equates to July 12, 1888 in our current Gregorian Calendar. This was on the 4th day of the Jewish Month of Av, 5648 years since Creation. Eight days later his Bris was on Thursday July 7, 1888 Julian Calendar = to July 12, 1888 Gregorian Calendar. This was on the 11th day of the Jewish Month of Av, 5648. For the family this was indeed a joyous occasion as the 11th day of Av was three days after the 9th Day of Av the traditional Day of Fasting and Mourning over the Destruction of the 1st & 2nd Beit Hamikdosh (Holy Temple) in Jerusalem. (586 BCE & 70 CE).

The maternal grandfather's name Wolf is a Yiddish derivative of the Hebrew Name Zev which means wolf.

I did a search for Itzchak Okun in Mogilev in the Database and found the death record of what may be the baby's father.

OKUN', Itska / Itskhak son of Itska / son of Itskhak died age 38 of Consumption on 17/2/1888 (Julian Calendar) =  (17th of Adar, 5648 Jewish date) in Mogilev Death Rec M33

Microfilm FHL1920802/2, Frame 00333, Image 218, Source NHABMinsk/3362/3/2

Sad for the baby's mother her husband died almost five months before her son was born.


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