Re: ADDITION: 60-Minutes The Ritchie Boys #germany #usa #announcements

Peter Lobbenberg

According to Wikipedia, 
"A total of 130 men served in X Troop; they never fought as a complete unit but provided valuable service to other formations as interpreters and interrogators. The troop lost 21 men killed and 22 wounded."  And "Most members of the troop were Jews of German, Austrian or Eastern European origins."

Again according to Wikipedia
"The Ritchie Boys consisted of approximately 15,200 servicemen who were trained for U.S. Army Intelligence during WWII at the secret Camp Ritchie training facility. Approximately 14%, or 2,200, of them were Jewish refugees born in Germany and Austria."

So while there are some parallels between the Ritchie Boys and the X Troop, direct comparisons could be a little misleading.

Peter Lobbenberg, London, UK

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