Re: Is anyone researching the Jews of Golub? #poland #general

Stanley Diamond

As there is often confusion between the two towns, just 63.8 km apart with "Dobrzyn" in their names,
I would like to provide some clarification and information on available records.  
Golub-Dobrzyń (1921 Jewish population ca 2000):  
The following description appears on the JRI-Poland Town Explorer page:
Dobrzyń nad Drwęcą, also known as Dobrzyń, was part of Congress Poland prior 
to World War I. The town was merged with the town of Golub, its historically Prussian 
counterpart across the Drwęcą River, to form what is now known as Golub-Dobrzyń.
Online Records: Births, Marriages, Death 1808~1911 (not all years survived).
Offline Records: Marriages 1925-1928, Deaths 1925-1927, 1935-1938
Dobrzyń nad Wisłą (1921 Jewish population ca 800):
Online records:  Births 1828-1904 Marriages 1828-32,35,36,38-98 Deaths 1870-1904
Offline records:  Births 1905-1913, Deaths 1905-1936
For more information, contact the Town Leaders through the web form on the Town Explorer pages.
Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.   (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

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