Map - Street Address - Pre-WWII Kalisz #poland #lodz

Steven Granek

Happy New Year to all -
I’ve just come across the abstract (no scan) in the Polish Archives related to Kalisz.
This translates to "Adler Haim and Tamara. Kalisz, 6 Sierpnia 66 street. [Construction loan]"  and is a record from (translation) "Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Branch in Łódź"
Tamara was my Grandfather Mendel’s sister - married to Chaim Adler.  I have a photo of them with the whole European family (most of whom disappeared with (so far) no trace) at her home in Kalisz on some Purim - likely in the 1930s. I suspect at this very address.
I can’t make sense of the address - and I realize that perhaps the entire neighborhood was destroyed in the war and it no longer exists.  Interesting to me that the bank was in Lodz.
First - Am I misreading / misinterpreting anything here?
Second - Any ideas on how to see this address on an older city map?  I have not been able to find (at least online) a pre-war city map of Kalisz.  And cannot make sense of this address on any current map.
Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Steve Granek
Columbia, MD USA
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