Is anyone researching the Jews of Golub? #poland #general


JewishGen requires that people who enter names into Family Finder use the current name for the towns they are researching, no matter what period that research is in.  The current name is Golub Dobrzyn, and therefore that is what each of those 76 entries must list for the town.  It is possible that some of them are researching Golub Dobrzyn, some Golub, and some Dobrzyn.  The only way to know what period and which town(s) they are researching is to contact each person.
Janice M. Sellers
Gresham, Oregon
GORODETSKY (Kamenets Podolsky and Orinin, Podolia, Russian Empire [Ukraine]; Kishinev, Bessarabia, Russian Empire [Moldova])
BRAININ (Kreuzburg, Courland, Russian Empire [Krustpils, Latvia])
NOWICKI (Porozowo, Grodno gubernia, Russian Empire [Belarus])
MECKLER/MEKLER (Kamenets Litovsk, Grodno gubernia, Russian Empire [Belarus])

On Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 12:19 AM David Lewin <david@...> wrote:
> Sadly no.   Each of the 76 FamilyFinders entries refers to "Golub Dobrzyn".     I am here specifically interested in Golub - in other words pre 1920 - and thus the the exclusion of Dobrzyn
> At 21:23 11/09/2021, Gary Mokotoff wrote:
> Go to the JewishGen Family Finder. ( It identifies 76 people researching families from Golub.

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