Re: Desperately seeking Abram Roth & Chaja Szymkewicz - Kalisz, Poland #poland


Dear Cindy,

I don't think I am a descendant of your branch of the Roth family(ies), but this might possibly be helpful.

I am pretty certain there was more than one Roth family in Kalisz, though whether they all descend from a common ancestor isn't yet clear to me.  I am a descendant of Abraham/Avram Roth (or Rote) who died in Kalisz in 1844.  He had  surviving him five sons - Judah, Lewka, Zalman, Emanuel (Mendel Wolf), Moshe Ephraim and Raphael, and two daughter, Esther and Malka.  i am a descendant of both Moshe Ephraim and Raphael due to inter-cousin marriage (my grandfather Sam was the son of Moshe Ephraim, and my grandmother Esther was the daughter of Raphael's son Tuvia).  My mother was Frances Roth.

I can't find any of the relatives you mention on any of our family trees, but that doesn't mean that they are not descended from some of the sons of Abraham / Avram Roth about whom i have no information (that is Judah, Lewka and Zalman).

One point that might possibly help you.  I have looked at all the Roth graves in Edmonton Federation Cemetery in London.  You may know this already, but Deborah Roth, the widow of Yechiel Beare Roth is buried there in grave K-4-29.  Her date of death is the date you give - 9th November 1919, aged 69.  Her details in Hebrew on the tombstone are: Devorah bat Reb Yosef Hacohen, widow of Yechiel Dov Roth.  Born 10th Nissan 5610; died 16th Chesvan 5680.  It mentions her as a mother and grandmother.   I have a photo of her tombstone if you do not have one.

I will also pass on your message to another person who is researching other branches of the Roth family from Kalisz in case he has not seen the message.

All the best,

Philip Baker

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