Re: Map - Street Address - Pre-WWII Kalisz #poland #lodz

Steven Granek

I have privately responded to Miriam (Thank you!!)

In following her advice, I came across something that I though would be useful to others as an add to her great tip.

When Google translates - it does not distinguish a proper name - like a street name.  So, the street name "Sierpnia" became "August".  I kept noticing this in my searches.. "What's this 'August'?'. And as a result, I kept failing to find what Miriam had found. However, since she told me about Zamkowa, and my search did present that as potential page, I scoured it that page.  And suddenly I saw (in the English translation): BOLD UNDERLINES ARE MINE

Subsequent changes to the name of the street took place in 1934, when it received the name on August 6 from the date of its departure from Krakowin 1914 of the First Cadre Company and in 1948 when it was renamed General Świerczewski . The current name - Zamkowa - was given to the street in 1990 to commemorate the fact that the Royal Castle was rising at its end from the 13th century to 1803 .”

So - as she noted - watch out that you don't get tripped up by the translation.

And good luck to all. Great tip from Miriam!

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