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David Harrison

I think that you will find that most countries in Europe or that were colonies of a European power, started this about 1820 after the Napoleonic Wars were over.  Napoleon had ruled France for several years and required his citizens to take a family name so that he could distinguish between the different people with the same given name.  He could then not only count them all in a census, but also tax them all.  You will find that although most of the Kings were against Napoleon, they liked his ideas of being able to tax everyone.  That is why family names came in through much of the known world.   In different languages the common names are of Smith, Farmer, Paviour or Carpenter or other similar trade names and their equivalent in other languages or dialects. Within Britain the main dialect boundaries reflect those of the pre-Roman tribes 2000 years ago though the finer differences which defined a particular street started to disappear in 1950 with Television becoming more universal.

David Harrison
Birmingham, England

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Subject: [] Meanings of Polish Last Names #names #poland
Main question: Is there a website or other resource that gives
meanings/origins for last names what the names means and why
possible did a family choose that last name in 1826

Additional information.

googling names have not been that helpful.

my family is from Radom Poland and surround areas

last names include

So for example pomeranc means orange, does that mean the ancestor was
an orange or fruit trader?

Last names were required in this region starting in 1826 in this region
My family tree is complete back to late 1700s/early 1800s.

Thank you for your help with meanings for last names
And a happy and healthy new year to all

Arnold Friedman
Redwood City, CA

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