Notary Records for Gusyatin, Ternopol, Ukraine (Formerly Husiatyn, Galicia, Austria) #poland #galicia #ukraine #records

Linda Habenstreit

I just read an article in “JRI-Poland For the Record” entitled Notarial Records in Poland: A Potentially Powerful Alternative to Vital Records.
The author, Howard B. Sakai says, “ JRI-Poland has recently catalogued more than 5,000 notarial records collections created in towns throughout Poland and currently stored at branches of the Polish State Archives.  JRI-Poland has projects underway for a number of these collections and looks forward to developing more, especially from towns whose civil vital records have not survived.”
Last year I corresponded with Mark Halpern, JRI-Poland's eastern Galicia area coordinator. He said the Husiatyn Jewish vital records past 1876 have not survived. However, notary records for Gusyatin (Husiatyn), Ternopol, Ukraine, that were not indexed at the time may include vital records for my paternal grandmother’s Steckman family from Liczkowce, Galicia, Austria (now Lychkivtsi, Ternopol, Ukraine). The nearest Jewish Center to Lickzkowce is Husiatyn.


Locality/Town: GUSYATIN
Raion/Region: GUSYATIN
Oblast/District: TERNOPOL
Country: UKRAINE
Archive Locale: TERNOPOL
Archive Type: ARCHIVES
Year List: 1877-1887;1894-1 904;1920
Fond/Opis/Delo: 61;86-87
Has JRI-Poland indexed the above notarial records? Or has Gesher Galicia indexed the above notarial records? If either JRI-Poland or Gesher Galicia has indexed these records, where can I find them? If neither JRI-Poland nor Gesher Galicia have indexed these records, how do I get them? I have struggled for over a year to get these records through any means possible. I am happy to pay for the records. 
Please help. Thank you!
Linda Habenstreit 
HEBENSTREIT, Rawa Ruska Galicia, Austria (now Rava Ruskaya, Lwow, Ukraine); REITZFELD, Rawa Ruska, Galicia, Austria ((now Rava Ruskaya, Lwow, Ukraine); STECKMAN, Husiatyn, Galicia, Austria (now Gusyatin, Ternopol, Ukraine) and Liczkowce, Galicia, Austria (now Lychkivtsi, Ternopol, Ukraine); BECKER, unknown

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