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Gabor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

Tom Venetianer schrieb:

Dear all,

Does anybody knows the date when Jews started to be sent to the Budapest
guetto or when it was inaugurated?

Please send replies in private, as this is not a genealogical question.
Nevertheless, I am quite sure that somebody >from the members will know the
answer. I need it to support a WW2 restitution claim for my mother-in-law.

The law for the resettlement of the jews was released on the of
June in
1944 by Doroghi Farkas Janos the newly established mayor of Budapest, as
day of the removal was of June a Saturday. This information can
be find in the book >from Randolph L. Braham "The Hungarian Holocaust".
2nd Volume, Chapter 24. A Budapesti Zsidok Sorsa. (The Politics of
Genocide. The Holocaust in Hungary. I-II. Columbia University Press. New
York, 1981) Volume II, Chapter 24 deals with the FAte of the Jews in
Budapest) I have only the Hungarian edition, if you need any aditional
information, you can ask me, but you might find the american edition of
the book in some library too.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

The the messages ware returned >from both adresses of Tom Venetianer so I
try it through the H-SIG and hope one will arrive to its destination.

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Tom Venetianer <>

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