Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Henry Carrey Boston,MA . Carey/Kirzhner/Berestyaner , Belous , Isenberg - Lutsk ; Postolov/Herman/Kolovsky-Zhitomir


As you can tell , the most common Yiddish name that was converted to Ida is Chaya/Chaye/Chaje/Chayke . Do you know where she is buried ? Does the stone have her Hebrew name? The second most common Yiddish name is Edel/Itl/Ite/Ita . 

But there are many other possibilities , on one document, my grandmother Hinde was called Ida . One person in this stream pointed out that her grandmother Ida  was originally  Zlate , a Polish variant of Golde .

Usually , there was a common " American translation"  for most Yiddish names , but in many cases , people just took an American name they happened to like for one reason or another .  

I believe in the Given Names Database on Jewish Gen ( if it still works ) you can put in an American name and get the most common Yiddish origins statistically . You can also look at the Ancestry Jewish section to see if you can get a variations from there. 
If what you are trying to do is to look for a ship manifest , try Chaye/Chaje/Chayke etc first and if that doesn't work , try other common possibilities . Sooner or later , you may get an answer!
Good luck .
Henry H. Carrey

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