Stateless in Czechoslovakia #austria-czech #usa

Frank Dyer

Fri, Jul 30, 9:53 AM
to Jewishgen
I recently received documents in the Czech language regarding my uncle
Ladislav Weinberger. He and his family were
murdered in Zamosc, Poland after a brief stay at Terezinstadt. In
attempting to translate the documents into English, I found passages
in my uncle's requests in 1936 and 1938 for passports for himself and
family that seemed to indicate that he had become stateless because
his father had left Czechoslovakia for the United States in 1904 after
divorcing Ladislav's mother.
Was there a mechanism for declaring Jews stateless if a parent
emigrated to the United States? There did not seem to be any valid
reason for doing this to my uncle, who was making a good contribution
as a civil engineer.
Thanks in advance.
--Frank Dyer

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