Re: Are there any records from LYUBO OR LYUBAR, UKRAINE? #ukraine

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Hi Diane,

How certain are you that your family is from Lyubar, Ukraine (formerly Russian Empire)? I notice on the JGFF listing, you have Lyuban, Belarus listed additionally.

There are many lists for Lyubar that have been indexed by surname including ALL Novograd Volynsk revision lists that include Lyubar. Have you looked at the Lyubar KehilaLinks website to begin? See

Apologies for not having updated that site in almost two years, as we really need to re-design it. But we have continued to find additional material and projects. In fact, the group of those interested in researching Lyubar paid a team earlier this summer to cleanup the Lyubar Cemetery and photograph all stones - about 700 of them. Volunteers are currently translating them from Hebrew into Russian and English. 

Please contact me offline for more information.
Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Lyubar Town Leader since 1994
Director, USA Research Division

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