Getting information from US Citizenship and Immigration Service #usa #records

Seymour Samuels

I thiink I am the sole supporter of CIS. I've sent many $65 checks and got bupkus.

I have received an e-mail with attached letter telling me that my records are available. I follow the instructions and end up in a continuous loop going back to the same home screen.

Any one have better luck. If so, please advise.

My direct e-mail is linsam4643@...

Seymour (Sam) Samuels, III

Gainesville, Virginia, USA

e-mail: linsam2@...

Search Interests (Name – other information):

Samuels – Channel Islands (UK); Germany; Poland; Tennessee

Rosenfeld – Germany; District of Columbia; Virginia, Atlanta, GA, USA; Confederate Soldiers; Union Soldiers

Berg – Coblenz (or Koblenz), Germany; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bobrow – Russia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Denver, Colorado, USA

Wofsy – Daugavpils, Latvia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Haas – Germany (along Rhine River near Worms); Ohio, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Schoen – Germany (Furth (near Nuremberg) and Berlin); Ohio, USA; Atlanta, Georgia

Wenar – Prague; Vienna, Austria; Bernam, Texas, USA; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


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