Re: Help with translation and interpretation of birth certificate from Gorlice, Austria #translation

Mark Halpern

Hi Susan:

JRI-Poland has provided translations of the record headings for Jewish records employed by the civil authorities in Galicia at The birth record headings and translations are shown below. Although the headings of your birth certificate is cut off, it does appear to be the same as the Polish in column 3 below, which states "date of bris or naming." My conclusion is that this is the date of the naming of your female cousin.

Mark Halpern


On 2021-09-15 6:46 pm, boisedave@... wrote:

I thought this was the birth certificate (attached below) for my female first cousin twice removed, named Ete (Yetta) Gelb.  Her grandparents (listed on the certificate as Wolf and Roza Fuhrer from Bystra) would have been my 2nd great grandparents.  I requested a translation from the Genealogical Translations Facebook group and they responded with this translation:

Abstract from the book of birth’, Gorlice, Tom. I, page 84 Born: 26 October 1879 Circumcision: 30 October 1879, Gorlice Name: Ete Stand: legitimate Father’s name: Eber Gelb, milk distributer in Bystra, according to local Marriage book 1878. Zl. 12 Name of mother: Chana Gelb in Bystra, daughter of Wolf and Rosa Führer of Bystra Witnesses: Markus Donner named Markus Domer (Can’t read his occupation) of Bystra Midwife: Marya Ducza of Bystra

This calls into question whether this is, in fact my female cousin, as there appears to have been a circumcision.  Is the translation correct or could there be some other explanation?  My relative Yetta's gravestone lists her date of birth as October 30, 1879 which is the same date as the circumcision date on the attached certificate.  Thank you in advance for your help!
Susan Kim
Boise, Idaho

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