JEWS IN HIDING IN NICE DURING WW2 #france #holocaust


Hello every one
Could someone tell me how to proceed to get information concerning available Archives in Nice during the Vichy period.  My grandparents (naturalized french in 36) and 2 brothers of my grandmother (stateless) hid in Nice from 1940 onwards. I would like to know if there are archives at the Police des Etrangers for them but do not know how to proceed without going to Nice. I would consider going if there is something to see though.
Their names

Naoum JUROVSKY and Raissa nee Bespaloff  (Both French)
Mordko Bespaloff and Angelika nee Kahn (Stateless/latvian)
Samuel Bespaloff and Julia nee Kahn (stateless/latvian)

Please answer privalely
Catherine JUROVSKY



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