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When looking for a particular marriage record in the Paris online archives (, recently, I was reminded that this is a fantastic resource but it seems to be little known.  You have to browse by date and arrondissement, and (of course) the records are all in French, but they are original records that are free to view and free to download.  Apart from the date and place of the civil ceremony, the marriage records (potentially) contain a great deal of useful information about the bride and groom, including DoB and place, their occupation, and addresses, and their parents' names, occupations and addresses; there's even some info about the witnesses.  In addition, if they have received subsequent notification of the dissolution of the marriage, that, too, will be noted. 

When looking in the 1940s, there were a significant number of Allied Forces personnel.  There are even records affirming marriages conducted in prison camps.

If you're looking for a BMD record in France, it's worth looking for the "actes" in the regional/local archives, for the "actes paroissiaux & d'état civil" (e.g.  Some areas beyond Paris do make them available – though it's less likely that you will find Jewish-specific records of that type.

Mary Benedict, SW Herts, England.

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