Re: JEWS IN HIDING IN NICE DURING WW2 #france #holocaust


The best sites to get informations are 
Association des fils et filles de déportés (Serge Klarsfeld),
Memorial de la Shoah.
ther are also other site well documented about the subject. Just have a look in Google.
click for instance : 'rafle des Juifs de Nice'.

The best book I have read about this is : 

'les rafles des juifs par la Gestapo à partir due 8 septembre 1943' written by Serge  Klarsfeld (available at Fils et Filles de déportés  juifs de France)

'Les Transferts des Juifs de la Région de Nice vers Drancy' (fils et filles de déportés juifs de France)

I don't know archive site in Nice about this period.
if you search on Google : Rafle des Juifs de Nice, you will get a lot of informations and documents online about the life of Jewish in Nice during WW2.
Jews were in good condition when Nice was occupied by Italian troops. But the hell is arrived when German Nazi have kicked out Italian troop in 1943 after the arrestation of Mussolini. Jews where trapped. A lot of them have been hidden in the Alps mountains around Nice with help of local population. But numerous have been arrested, send to Hotel Excvelsior in Nice and then to Drancy and Auschwitz.
If you don't speak french I suggest to use Google translate to get the translation of the sites in your language.

Michel Rottenberg

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