Re: What is this Hebrew name? #names

Shimona Kushner

Dear Steven:  There is an obvious error in the headstone.  There is no Hebrew name with those letters.  The letters as written are "nun", "tzadi", "kaf", "tzadi".  The word you wrote would mean that the second and last letters are "ayins".  However, if you look at the last line on the headstone where it has the abbreviation for "Tehi nishmata netzura betzror hahayim" (may her soul be bound up in the binds of life), the third letter in Hebrew is a "tzadi" which is exactly like what is given in your great aunt's name.  If it would be Neche as you wrote it would not be Hebrew but Yiddish and those two letters would be an "ayin".  Still doesn't sound like any name I am familiar with. Hope this helps.

Shimona Yaroslavsky Kushner, Haifa, Israel

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