Holocaust Denial - a Polish movie aimed at denying the Jedwabne massacre #holocaust

Frank Szmulowicz

A colleague from Poland sent me the news of a new anti-Jewish movie that has been screened on September 15: 


"Powrót do Jedwabnego" (A Return to Jedwabne) by director  Wojciech Sumliński aims to deny the facts of the Jedwabne  pogrom in which 300 Jews were herded into a barn and burned there. 

See also the books:

Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland

A landmark book that changed the story of Poland’s role in the Holocaust

and the more recent

The Towns of Death

Pogroms Against Jews by Their Neighbors


The Towns of Death relies on witness reports from survivors, bystanders, and the murderers themselves as found in court testimonies to describe the pogroms of Jews in Eastern Poland in 1941–1942 perpetrated by their Polish neighbors. The author demonstrates the pivotal role of the Catholic clergy and individual priests, the intellectual classes, and political circles in perpetuating anti-Semitism, often leading to the murder of thousands of Polish Jews. 

Frank Szmulowicz

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