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Arthur Sissman


23andMe Matches Workshop  Monday Oct 4, 2021  1-4pm EDT

Prerequisite: If you have NOT DNA tested at 23andMe and have already worked with matches webpages, please do not respond to this announcement, you are not ready.


If you have another Workshop request in mind, email Arthur Sissman with the details.

5 of 15 slots 
are still available for the 23andMe Matches Workshop, but will fill fast with your help!


Hi all,


Susan, a member, requested a Workshop on 23andMe Matches. The Workshop is ready to go! Thanks Susan! Susan and I are inviting you to a 23andMe Matches Workshop. 

If you have DNA tested at 23andMe, received your results, have worked with the matches, are extremely frustrated - you meet the prerequisite?!


  • Topic: 23andMe Matches Workshop on Zoom
  • Date:  Mon, Oct 4, 2021
  • Time:  1-4 pm EDT  TimeZoneConverter
  • Attendees: 12-15 Limited - 5 spots are still open
  • RSVP now: genresearch13@...
  • Alternate list will be kept after 15 sign-ups

Everything you want to know about manipulating all aspects of the 23andMe Matches webpages, but were afraid to ask and more. See below!


You’ve received your 23andMe DNA matches results back from your test kit. This workshop is for you, if you’re wondering what you need to know to: 

  1. Manipulate all aspects of the 23andMe matching website - matches, filtering, chromosome browser, etc.
  2. Establish a criteria for selecting matches of interest/no interest/maybe?
  3. Evaluate matches for best meeting criteria for further review.
  4. Review the following concepts: Endogamy, IBS vs IBD, Triangulation.
  5. Use you own data, on your own computer.
  6. Use split screen/2nd monitor to follow the action, while working on own data.
  7. How to cross reference info found on 23andMe with other platforms - GEDmatch, My HeritageDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, and AncestryDNA
  8. This workshop will not directly/but might touch on 23andM - ethnicity platform or tree building platform.
  9. Once the attendees are in place - the homework (!?) will start arriving!

This hands-on workshop (please do not come to watch!) will focus on the unique challenges presented by those with Ashkenazi heritage who want further insight into discovering their recent ancestors.  


Questions or comments email genresearch13@...


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