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David Harrison

Dear Elizabeth (and others)
Just an idea, look in the Bevis Marks records.  I have only the Part III for the period 1837-1901, published jointly by the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation and the Jewish Historical Society of England.  In the intro it states that Part II 1687-1837 contains abstracts of the earlier Ketubot. As you live in London, a look in their web-site for their visiting hours etc, and search facilities might be useful or other libraries in the area with Jewish records in the area might have the information.  JGSGB might have the books in their library in its new home.
David Harrison
Birmingham, England

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I am trying to find out if my 4x great grandmother Elizabeth Abrahams born c1786 in Aldgate/ Whitechapel in East London has Sephardic ancestry. There is a family story passed down my mother’s line that we have Spanish Jewish roots which I am exploring.

On Synagogue Scribes, Elizabeth Abrahams ( Hebrew name Beila) married Israel Jacobs in 1806 at the Great Synagogue. The Hebrew name of her father was listed as Abraham HaLevi.  I haven’t managed to find the name of her mother or go back any further on her father Abraham HaLevi. Many of my Ashkenazi distant cousin married Jews with Spanish Sephardic surnames  ( Mendoza, Nunes-Martines, Belasco etc). 

I know that The Great Synagogue was Ashkenazi, but I have also been informed that intermarrying of Sephardic and Ashkenazi occurred from the late 1700s onwards.  So it is possible one or both of Elizabeth Abrahams’ parents were Sephardic.  Can anyone point me in the right direction. Does anyone know if  Elizabeth’s Hebrew name Beila or the Hebrew name of her father Abraham HaLevi provides an clue? I read somewhere that Beila is a Spanish variant of the name Elizabeth.

Any help would be great fully received.

Many thanks in advance,

Elizabeth Graves 
London, UK
Known family names in my direct Ancestry going back to 1700s include : Isaacs, Jacobs, Abrahams, Levy in East London

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