New information regarding my Greenberg/Aprivei line #poland


Hi All,
I have been researching my mysterious Greenberg line for many years now. In the beginning I only knew of my great grandfather Abraham and that he was from Hertza dorohoi Romania. Then I stumbled upon a POT, that linked to a sibling named Joseph. Then the trail went cold. I then had a research group look for records for me and that revealed a few more siblings. I was so excited to have more information. Then I was stuck again. Now I am excited to say I was just contacted by living descendants. I had a hour long conference call that was amazing. We are going to talk more to help fill in the gaps of our family tree. What's amazing is that I am just finding out that my line may have come from Poland before settling in Romania. I will post another update when I know more.

Sarah Greenberg (USA-CT)

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