Re: Elizabeth Abrahams c1786 London #unitedkingdom #sephardic


Thanks Mike and David. Elizabeth Abrahams married Israel Jacobs at the Great Synagogue ( Ashkenazi) in 1806. I am guessing her father may have been Ashkenazi, as his Hebrew name is listed as Abraham HaLevi ( Abrahams possibly a patronymic name). I am wondering whether Elizabeth’s mother could have been Sephardi? However, I have no name for her. She would have married into her husband’s Synagogue ( Ashkenazi). Without  a name for her mother I am at a loss on what name to search in the Bevis Marks ( Sephardic) records. This time period would be mid/ late1700s. Any further help/ suggestions on where to go would be appreciated. 

Many Thanks

Elizabeth Graves, London, UK

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