Re: Trebisov, Slovakia #slovakia


Alfred J. Holzman
Miami, Florida

Hello Ozzy (Wherever you are)

Perhaps I can help.
There was a Slovak program with money set aside to compensate (heirs) for property owned by Holocaust victims located in Slovakia.
This program compensated our family for its loss in Turcianske Rudno in about 2004. It would have the street name you are seeking.

I advise you to make the following contact.  Hopefully they still exist/operate
Council for the Compensation of Holocaust Victims
Kancelaria Rady na odskodnenie holokaustu
P.O. Box 115
820 05 Bratislava 25
Slovak Republic
Telephone No.  011 421 2 554 21 771
Fax No.  011 421 554 21 680
email: kancrada@...
Web (hopefully operating)

Good luck,

Holzman: Turc. Rudno, Rajec, Kremnice, Podhora, Laclava..Slovakia
Kohn: Slovenske Pravno, Klastor...Slovakia
Trostler: Sucany...Slovakia
Guttman: Nyirmada, Kisvarda, Vaja...Hungary
Weingarten: Chust, Pecs, Kosice...Hungary

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