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Ellen Slotoroff Zyroff

This added, hand-picked team, hired because of their very specialized expertise, is scary, though not, sad to say, totally unexpected, given the every increasing and pervasive data gathering already in more than full swing about us all across the globe.

This set of very high level new hires is a very specialized set of data miners, data manipulators, data sorters and data intercessionists.

Already we have the chilling reality that everyone who spends any time online is already being defined, sliced and diced, and categorized according to our demographics, religion, documented and perceived political registration and views, the sites we look at and/or to which we subscribe and/or to which we post, who are our relatives and friends, what kind of purchases we make, trips we take, the kinds of searches we do online, with whom do we communicate, to what organizations do we and other family members belong, to whom to we make donations, With the data rich far more detailed data that sits on genealogical websites and discussion boards archives and family trees, and the proven connections revealed by DNA, connections that most often prove our ethnic ancestry, the reason some people have refused to participate in DNA testing begins to loom large. Those who have stayed away from creating a DNA trail and/or even a paper trail perhaps don't seem as paranoid as they once did. Given the ever increasing surge of anti-Semitism worldwide, including an increasing number of very active, high profile policy-making Jew/Israel haters in Congress and at every level of government and of agencies and the unravelling of logic and unravelling of personal safeguards in government, what would prevent the easy mining and Boolean searching of the humongous amount of data already on Ancestry, both the data posted there, the uploads from big partner organizations and what I think is the largest personal DNA source anywhere.

The decision to innocently or not innocently search out members of the tribe, or those who have x-amount of social and/or genetic relationship currently or historically is a piece of cake, then put it all in zip code, voting district, or neighborhood order, or further defined by affiliations, could be carried out in a matter of minutes. That the walls between the online data giants and government are just about all gone is clear to anyone who follow the news.

The players are conglomerates and their active scope of information and communication reach is at all levels, from international to local to block to house level to individual level.

Nobody asked any of us for truly informed permissions, or even bothered to make clear the "innocent" or perhaps even not innocent extent of the societal and individual privacy/liberty invasion and capture and storage of who we and our ancestors were, what they did, where they came from, what ethnic names they had, who our relatives are, when Amazon and the other now big data companies started and when they continue to ramp up the invasion of our every key strike, every communication, every on demand connection that artificial intelligence can is making.

Some will respond that the world today is indeed a Big Brother world with full Big Brother capabilities, but that David and Sarah Citizen should not fall into the paralyzing paranoia of seeing a Hitler around ever corner. Most of us would have agree with that 20 years ago, even 10 years ago.

Still, it's impossible for people like the participants here, who know Jewish history, know about "in every generation," we who have been thick into the every more sophisticated and ever more searchable and manipulatable and multiple factor drill down data retrieval, not to think about what "value added" outputs of multifaceted family data might be requested, facilitated...and used by the infusion of a cherry picked set of corporate/government partnership players - players who are identified by just such skills - into what has been until the almost entirely non-political genealogical enterprise.

Ellen Zyroff

On Saturday, September 18, 2021, 04:29:56 PM PDT, Jan Meisels Allen <janmallen@...> wrote:

Ancestry has appointed Brian Donnelly formerly head of Diagnostics and Genomics at Amazon, has been  named Senior Vice President and General Manager of AncestryDNA, Ashish Nayyar Facebook’s Senior Director of Data Science, as Chief Data Officer and Heather Friedland Promoted to Chief Product Officer. Formerly Heather served as Senior Vice President, New Products & Growth.


To read the press release and learn more about the three new Ancestry leaders see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


ZOLOTOROV (Chernigov, Ukraine; Kiev, Ukraine);
SLOTOROFF (Kiev, Ukraine)
LEVINE (Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus);
GLUSKIN (Ukraine)
LIMON (Berestechko, Volynia, Ukraine)
TESLER (Horochiv, Volynia, Ukraine)
ZYRO (Zabolativ, Ukraine) 
TAU (Zalolativ, Ukraine)
ROTH / ROT (Ataki, Bessarabia, Moldova)
BLAUSTEIN (Chernigov, Ukraine or Minsk, Belarus)

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