Impossible Brick Wall Next Steps DRAY? #usa

Dorann Cafaro

Hi Community:
I have tried for years to find/confirm the maiden name (and any additional information) for my 2nd great-grandmother. 
What I know:
  • name Hannah/Anna ???
  • b Austria/Germany 6 Jun 1821
  • died in Baltimore MD 29 Dec 1885
  • buried Har Sinai Cemetery Baltimore MD (Jewish)
  • married about 1852 to Sauel Samuel Grauer b 2 May 1814 Raudnitz an der Elbe Czech Rep as 1st child/son Leon born 1853
  • NO MARRIAGE OR DEATH CERTIFICATES ANYWHERE ON FILE including no death certificates for her children as MD did not start keeping records till much later & Har Sinai said they have no records
What I believe but can’t document:
  • surname DRAY - this is a confirmed family surname and it is in my grandmother’s name plus I have identified all other surnames of her family
  • she may be from Alsace as the surname Dray is often found there and my father had to have french speaking governess when a child with his grandmother living in the house
  • I have looked at DNA connections without success
Love any ideas where to go from here.
Regards Dorann Cafaro
Jewish research Grauer, Dray, May, Marcus, Fischer

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