Re: WEINTRAUB, BARTNOFSKY in Mogilev, Belarus #belarus

Marcia Lloyd

Hi, Rishy,
Thanks for your reply. A Mr. Nolan recently contacted me with Barnofsky from Wolkowsk, and his grandmother, Anna Bela Bartnofsky (not her married name)  and her family lived on Rodney Street in Brooklyn just a few houses down the street from 371 Rodney Street, where Bessie Bartnofsky Weintraub, my paternal grandmother, lived with my grandfather, Jacob Weintraub, and their family. In Europe, she and Jacob lived min Mogilev, Belarus, but she may not have been born there. Moreover, Anna Bela was born in 1864, and Bessie in about 1861, so I thought they might have been sisters, but Mr. Nolan never heard of Bessie, so he thinks that perhaps they were only cousins, but I still have my doubts.

What else do you know about the Barnofskys? Any photos?

Marcia Lloyd

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