Re: Revoked German Citizenship and Property Seizures 1933-1945 #holocaust

Rodney Eisfelder

The spreadsheet of revoked citizenships comes from the book "Die Ausb├╝rgerung deutscher Staatsangeh├Âriger 1933-1945".
You can use to find a physical copy of the book, and perhaps view some snippets on Google books. However, the book was compiled from various issues of the "Reichsanzeiger", the official German government newspaper. These have been digitized and can be searched and viewed at
However, the last time I tried, I found the search function to be a bit hit and miss - the OCR struggles with the gothic fonts.
You can find an English description of the Reichsanzeiger at:
I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

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