Re: Citing sources in family research #general

Marion Werle

Marlise is absolutely correct, but I would also add that genealogical best practices say to obtain (and have translated, if necessary) a copy of the underlying record for the database or spreadsheet entry,. Database records are derivative records (derived from an underlying original source) and are subject to errors. Many/most of the Lithianian metrical records ((vital records) are available on FamilySearch and the Dvinsk crensus records from the Latvian Archives are digitized on either the Latvian Archives ' Raduraksti website or on FamilySearch. See, the sections on Raduraksti  and FamilySearch, on how to find original copies of Latvian census records. For the Lithuanian  records see the LivakSIG website

In general, just because the database states "not microfilmed" doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a digital copy, so double check (for LivakSIG only the State Hidtorical Archives in Vilnius - LVIA -  has records that have been filmed). You can also contact the various archives directly for original copies.

The citations would then follow the Evidence Explained (book version) guidelines for citing archival documents. The Evidence Explained website cited by Marlise also has examples for citing FamilySearch unindexed records. 

Hope that helps.

Marion Werle

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