Re: Request for Old Photos from Jaroslaw #usa

Eva Robotnick

Hi Nina,
I have 2 types (sets) of pictures of the old city of Jaroslaw. All of them are jpg files.
The 1st set are about 23 pictures (jpg) downloaded from the internet in 2005.
Don't remember the source. They are all pictures of early buildings in Jarowslaw.

The 2nd set are about 50 jpg pictures made during our family roots trip in October, 2008.
So for these I can give you permission to use.
The pictures include such items as:
the moat before entering the old city
House 8 Grotska Street where the families Steinberg and Raab had lived
The original market; now a museum
The former Reform synagogue
and more.

If you are interested in any of the jpg pictures, please send me an
email to:  erobotnick@gmail,com
with instructions on how to send them to you.
Regards and Hag Sameach,
Eva Robotnick

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