21 June 1846-New Synagogue, Parish Great Helens,London. Looking for marriage record of Abraham Jacobs to Mary Simmons #unitedkingdom #records


Looking for the image of marriage record of Abraham Jacobs to Mary Simmons 21 June 1846. Certificate #127.   The record identified as City of London Vol 2 208B in 1846.  Abraham is my "2nd great grandfather".

England's General Records Office (GRO) has a copy of the marriage certificate, but the given name of father of groom is illegible. GRO reached out to the London local register office, but they had no copy. (Did not advise me the current name of that local office.) They did not send me an image. Just the info they could read.

The New Synagogue is now known as Stamford Hill synagogue, London N16. Was City of London, LondonEC3.  The wonderful site SynagogueScribes.com has their marriage records for 1791-1823 and 1837-
1842.  Abraham Jacobs is listed as a member of their "general committee" in 1851.  The only Jacobs on that list.

 In the 1841 England census the only Abraham Jacobs of appropriate age is listed in the household of a Woolf Jacobs in St Andrew Holborn (Above The Bars), Middlesex, England. Father and son's occupation furrier.  Abraham in 1851 census, 9 Francis Court, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, married with children as a furrier. 

 Emigrated in 1856 to NYC.  He was a furrier in the 1860 NYC Brooklyn Census (indexed as Jacobus). In 1870 Providence, RI census he sells crockery. (In London directories in 1839 and 1845, he sold china and glassware.)   Dies circa 1873 probably in Providence. By 1880 widow and children back in NYC.

Probable father Woolf (Wolfe) Jacobs was a furrier in the 1841 census. He is listed as the father, furrier, on a sibling marriage record in 1848. Woolf Jacobs' occupation changed in 1851 and 1861 census. May have died in 1865. 

Just want that final confirmation. Hoping an English researcher can help me out. All suggestions appreciated.. Quite possible synagogue record no longer exists. David Brener, Ephrata, PA. brenerda@...

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