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Steven Granek

Folks -

I recently discovered some kind of loan document associated my my Great Aunt and Great Uncle for a property apparently in Kalisz. I was able to request it from the Polish State Archives in Lodz. They were very responsive, told me they would scan it for the price of $74 Zlotys - about $20, and send me a link good for 30 days to download (that piece of information is shared as it may be of use for others that run into documents of interest.). Once again - my compliments to them - they were responsive and as soon as they had received my wire (which was easy and relatively inexpensive to do) - they sent me the link with a password in a separate e-mail.

Some of you may have seen recent discussion about this re: an address in Kalisz.

So… I now have a 50 page document detailing the loan. Of course is it a scan in Polish (but it has really cool elevation drawings). My interest is only in what addttional tidbits I might discover about the family. My daughter has gamely hand typed the first two pages into Google Translate, but of course, we don’t really still know what we are looking at.

2 questions - 1). does anyone have experience with this type of document from your own research (it’s a construction loan for property in Kalisz, loan by the Bank in Lodz). 2) assuming I want the entire thing translated (a bit much for even a generous ‘viewmate-er’ I assume, does anyone know someone reliable that could translate this for me (I’d pay as appropriate). I am betting most of it is not very interesting, but the question is what parts ARE interesting and what might I discover.

Thank you in advance, always.

Steve Granek
Columbia, MD USA

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