Re: Recent Discovery Sheds New Light on Messianic yDNA #dna #general

Adam Cherson

Dr. Fishman,

Thanks for the commentary.

As you state, the information presented in the article forms the basis for a working hypothesis and I share your hope that additional evidence may be pursued which could shed light on the fascinating subject of the early origins of the Judaean Nation.

One thing I wish to emphasize: the adjective 'superior' is not used in the paper and I do not intend nor imply any such ethnic or cultural hierarchy. From my perspective, each ethnic component making up the early Judaean Nation has brought important cultural, technical, and religious qualities into the mix. This paper doesn't delve into Natufian, Anatolian, Transcaucasian, Egyptian, or Babylonian contributions, but I believe there are essential aspects of Judaism stemming from each of these earlier cultures. My aim in this paper is to present some new evidence and suggest a reasonable working interpretation.

I look forward to what future researchers may discover.

Adam Cherson MPA-JD

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