Re: Jews and Hot Air Balooning #general

Kenneth Cutler

"The Airship A History" By Basil Collier,(ISBN O 246 10575 5) Showing one of the first successful British airships, "The Willows 2. (City Of Cardiff) of 1910. Also mentions the process "Gold Beater's Skin," a process invented by Aloys Casamir Frederick Weinling (C1807) and patented by him. This process was used to form an airtight seal on the skins used to make the covering of British airships.The process at the time was a closely guarded secret, handed down, and known only to members of the Weinling family. All members of the Weinling family at this time,worked on the process at Farnborough and other locations,travelling to where they were needed. Census documents, and other vital certification, e.g. Marriage Certificates, lists the occupation of various members of the Weinling family, as Balloon manufacturers.
There are multiple articles in 1888 concerning the Court martial of an officer associated with this family in Britain. There are trees with more info on

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