PLOTKIN: Bischoff (Biechof), Moliger: Ukraine or Belarus? #russia

Norman Plotkin

Hi All:
I am new to JewishGen and haven't been able to find these answers on my own. My grandparents came to the US in the early 1900s: Jankiel "Jake" Plotkin and his spouse Rachel Lavisky (Levitsky). I am trying to find out if any of the following places still exist and if so are they in current day Ukraine OR current day Belarus. I first thought it was Belarus because I think there is a Moliger in Belarus but I also think there may be or was a Moliger in the Ukraine.
-Jankiel said his residence when he declared for US citizenship was in Kijon, Russia
-1904: they got married in Gostomliu. I cannot locate this place.
-1904 and 1906: they had two kids born in Kiev (they had two more kids that were born in New Orleans)
-Jankiel was aided by a Jewish group because of either the pogroms and/or to avoid the draft. He took the Merion from Liverpool to Philadelphia and arrived in 1911. His wife and kids arrived in the US later.  They ended up in New Orleans.
I grew up in New Orleans but moved to CA many years ago. I currently live in Lafayette, CA. My phone is 925/324-0839 if anyone wants to contact me.  I would appreciate it if anyone can answer any of my questions and/or give me any leads so that i can research this further. Thank you
Norman C. Plotkin

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