Re: 1897 All Empire Russian Census #russia


You did not specify which part of the former Russian Empire is of interest;  I'd recommend checking the appropriate JewishGen collections as a starting point. has some limited information on specific districts (insofar as I could find from a broad catalog search on "Russia" and "Census - 1897".

For example, for certain districts (uyezdy) in Belarus, please see

For the city of Kyiv, scans are available online of the original documents in part of the Krakovskiy collection;  please seeАрхів:ДАКО/384/2 -- note that the index is in Ukrainian, while the original source material is in Russian.

This is an incomplete list, I'm certain that other researchers have additional sources.

Joel Novis
Longmeadow, MA
(NOVITSKIY:  Kyiv, Vasil'kiv;  OLSZTAJN:  Łódź/Łowicz/Stryków/Zgierz;  GEYMAN/HYMAN:  Ashmyany; POTASNIK/LEVY:  unknown)

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