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Steven Granek


First, thanks to David for the advice and kind offer.

II am wondering if anyone can point me to someone who knows a bit about the building history of Kalisz between the wars that might help me make sense of this (or even knows who in Kalisz I might write to to ask).  
I now have the reasonably well translated document referenced below (loan document for a construction project in Kalisz) . It has no additional information about my great Aunt and Uncle Temer and Chaim Adler (only that they borrowed just over 100,000 zlotys for the construction of a residential building at this address with gory details about each phase and the allocated amounts per phase).  Strangely, it has nothing about the terms (length or interest rate) or the address of the borrowers.
And there are some things about the dates that don’t make sense to me.  Specifically my conundrum is this:  They apparently acquired the “property” (quotes deliberate) in 1931 per the document.  The drawings/plans for construction were approved by what seems to be the planning council in 1938. It seems the loan was recorded n May of 1939 (timing!) - at least my relatives seem to have been optimists!
BUT -1) the description of the construction project seems to indicate that this is new construction 2) This is an attached - in row - building. 3) I have discovered in a book written by Mira Kimmelman that she talks about visiting (after the war with her son) this exact address (even down to the change of street names since then) and remembering that she’d have Passover there with her maternal grandparents in their modern apartment.  Which means that a relatively new apartment building was already there before the war. And since she describes it as modern, and it is my understanding that much of old Kalisz was destroyed in WW1 - it's hard to believe that my great aunt and uncle would be tearing down a 10-15 year old building with modern apartments in it and rebuild something very similar from scratch.  And needless to say - if they got the loan in May 1939 to build something from dirt - it did not get built by Sept 1, 1939 when the German Army crossed the border.
Possibilities 1) there is something that I am misunderstanding about the document 2) The addresses are confused (though her son says she had an incredible memory and went right to the place at that address).
I might add that Google maps street view has a clear picture at that address (the modern street name) of a building that looks materially the same as the one in the elevation drawings in the loan document.
Any insights appreciated.  I’ve been asked so I’ll make the point that my inquiries are not about any theoretical claim.   I could care less about that. I am trying to understand the life of my relatives - nothing more.
Steve Granek
Columbia, MD USA

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