Re: Jews and Hot Air Balooning #general

Sidney Conn <sidneyconn@...>

This may not be the historical information that you were seeking but did you know that during the 1980s and up until about 2006, there were two manufacturers of hot air balloons in America? One was owned by Steve Hoffmann who lived in Virginia and the other belonged to my wife Elenor and me. Ours was called Firefly Balloons and it was located in Statesville NC, near Charlotte. A bit of 1980, El and I flew a balloon over the North Pole. It was an expedition dedicated to Commander Peary, the first to set foot on the Pole and to Salomon Andree, the Swedish leader of the Andree Polar Balloon Expedition of 1897. Andree and two scientists crashed on the ice and perished after almost 30 days. We finished Andree's expedition for him and planted the Swedish flag at the Pole. 

Sidney Conn
Birmingham Alabama

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