Re: route from Cherkassy, Ukraine to Manchester, England #general

rv Kaplan

My grandmother etc travelled from Kaminets-Podolsk, Ukraine in 1906 to Glasgow, Scotland in 1906 via Rotterdam, if that helps.

Harvey Kaplan

FELMAN, Kaminets-Podolsk, Shatava
ROSENBLOOM, Kaminets-Podolsk
MILER, Kaminets-Podolsk, Balin

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 I am interested in knowing what route my grandmother's family took when they went from Cherkassy, Ukraine to Manchester, England in the end of the 19-beginning of the 20
]century. They did not have too much money and lived in a poor nieghborhood in Manchester Thank you, ESTHER

Esther (Herschamn) Rechtschafner

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