Seattle Passenger List #general

Trudy Barch

Hi everyone,


I need help understanding this passenger list.  I am using FamilySearch.Org and found a Seattle Passenger List (July 14, 1923) for a distant cousin, Clara Krasnowsky and her two young children, Sunga and Frank.    There is a whole line of handwritten notes.  Debarred quota (July 31, 1923),   something on appeal (October 10, 1923), board forfeited (February 9, 1930), file 56/124 and other words that I can not read.

I gather that for whatever reason they could not travel on this boat for America. Can someone please explain this process to me?

And when did they finally arrive in the States?   In the 1930 census (Los Angeles, California) they were listed


Thank you,    Trudy Barch    FL

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